Menonaqua Inn (231) 347-2951
    Originally built as hunting lodge, the Inn
    has long been a favorite of families
    looking for a beach vacation.   Today, the
    Inn is managed by Menonaqua Cottagers  
    for the benefit of cottage owners needing
    supplemental accommodation for family
    and friends, returning patrons, & other
    friends of Association members.

    Families find a pristine sugar sand beach,
    the best sunsets in Northern Michigan
    and other quiet amenities from a time
    long past.  The Inn is one of the last
    vestiges from the time when Menonaqua
    families arrived by train from Detroit,
    Chicago, Cincinnati and other mid-west

    Returning guests often rent the same
    rooms year after year.  Guests unwind
    from hectic business pressures to enjoy
    extended walks on a northern Michigan
    Beach that goes on for miles.  Legend has
    it that Menonaqua's artesian water has
    medicinal rejuvenating qualities.  
Menonaqua Inn - since 1905
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